Worship Administrative Team
Administrator: Brett Schmeski

The purpose of Christian Church of Mountain Home is to make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the

The Worship Administrative Team

  • oversees all aspects of the church at worship
  • schedules servants for the Sunday morning gathering

The Worship Administrative Team prays:

  • that the church at worship will contribute to evangelistic outreach

The task of the Worship Administrative Team includes

  • recruiting capable people to lead in various aspects of the worship gathering
  • creating and distirbuting the schedule of servants for the weekly gathering
  • teaching and training in matters pertaining to the church at worship


The Ministry Manager is Brett Schmeski. The Elder liaison for this team is David Benedict. Members include Dan Mace, Steve & LaDonna Mendleski, Joey & Vanessa Peglar, Arlene Dixon, Eric & Sarah Dwyer, Amanda LeBlanc, Ken Fortier,  Megan Terry, Cindy Duncan and Gene & Becky McCoy.

   October 2018   
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