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Trunk or Treat--Our gift to the community
It’s that time of year again! Friday, October 31st from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. we will be hosting the people of the Twin Lakes area with our annual Trunk or Treat. We have hundreds of people come through our parking lot for this event and we’d like for them to get to know you! If you love candy, having fun, serving the community, and MORE CANDY, then this is the event for you! If you want to register your vehicle for our “Best Trunk” contest (Try to dethrone Norman and Kathy Lueck!), donate supplies (CANDY!), run a game station, help decorate, or donate your time in any other way, please let me know ASAP! This event will happen rain or shine so if you prepare a trunk, consider how you might be able to move it indoors! A sign-up sheet will be placed in the back of the auditorium to sign up before or after church (DURING church you should be worshipping and paying attention!). Thank you all so much for your support. Let’s make this another great year!
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Benevolence Ministry Team
Leader: Jason Schmeski

The purpose of Christian Church of Mountain Home is to make disciples of all peoples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded.

The purpose of the Benevolence Ministry Team is to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ by providing material needs with a view to addressing spiritual needs.

The Ministry Manager / Deacon is Jason Schmeski. The elder liaison for this ministry team is Forrest Cotter. Members include Ken & Mary Lou Fortier, Nick & Alice Wyma, Elizabeth Wickser, Arlene Dixon and Kay Bolinger.





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