For some who are not familiar with Dollar Day, here is an overview.



    To bless someone in the community with a significant amount of cash to help relieve some of their financial burden. The gift is given in the name of Christ and on behalf of our congregation to display the love of Jesus and the concern our congregation has for people in need.



    Anyone in the community (Mtn. Home trade area) whose need is known to be legitimate by at least one person who is a part of our congregation. Only individuals are eligible, not organizations.



    Anyone in the congregation may nominate a recipient by submitting a written explanation of the need to the Benevolence Ministry Team (James Evans, Deacon). The nomination must provide all pertinent information by which the Benevolence Ministry Team may make an informed decision.

    The nomination vouches for the legitimacy of the need and testifies to the worthiness of the potential recipient. In other words, stewardship requires us to honor the biblical teachings and principles (e.g., We do not subsidize slothfulness, wastefulness, etc.). When you nominate a recipient, you are testifying that the person has a will to work, honors biblical principles of industry, but has experienced a setback (e.g., house fire, loss of employment, medical bills, etc.).

    All one dollar bills (not fives, tens or twenties) in the offering plate on Dollar Day will be removed and will constitute the gift.

    The cash will be given to the person in our congregation who nominated the selected recipient. That individual will be instructed to present the cash to their friend or acquaintance in the name of Jesus and on behalf of our congregation as an expression of our love and care.



    There will be four Dollar Days throughout the year. They correspond to the fifth Sunday of those four months.




    The amount of each gift will be at least $250.



    Every person in the congregation is encouraged to constantly be aware of the legitimate needs of people in the community and to make those needs known. Again, submit nominations in writing directly to a member of the Benevolence Ministry Team.

   October 2018   
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